Public Procurement Guidelines

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To have more nZEB buildings, the construction workforce needs the relevant skills, competencies and knowledge to design, construct and maintain energy-efficient buildings. Public procurement is a powerful lever that contract authorities can leverage to support the upskilling and reskilling of the construction workforce.

The nZEB Ready procurement guide is a step-by-step guide designed for public authorities and procurement professionals. It aims to show how public procurement can help stimulate demand for (n)ZEB construction skills, by highlighting measures that can be implemented throughout the procurement process. It focuses on the “how to do it”.

By highlighting relevant examples from pilot projects, lessons learned from sister projects, insights from the nZEB Cities Working Group, as well as additional resources, this guide will help public procurers better understand how to encourage the uptake of (n)ZEB skills in the construction sector.

This guide follows the different steps of the procurement process, from identifying needs to awarding the contract to monitoring the outcomes of a tender. For each step, it outlines strategies for how public procurers can incorporate nZEB skills requirements into their tenders, as well as stimulate demand for skills through procurement.”

Keywords: Public, Procurement, new construction, renovation, skills, policy


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