Solution sets and technologies for NZEBs

:: Initiative Output

General Description

The “Solution sets and technologies for NZEBs” is a report that identifies and describes cost-optimal technical solutions that allow for reaching the nZEBs standard in four countries: Germany, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia. Both the construction and operation phases are taken into consideration. Cost reduction has been met by implementing more affordable systems and materials, or by combining solutions impacting both energy performance and costs. Examples of proposed solutions:

  • 4-layer windows, natural ventilation heat recovery on grey wastewater (Denmark).
  • Reduction of the insulation level through the installation of the decentral direct electric heating + DHW system, decentral ventilation system with heat recovery, roof PV panels, and heat recovery from shower waste water (Germany).
  • Electricity-driven solution with variations in the composition of the external walls and the technology of the windows. Heat pump for both heating and DHW supply. No use of solar thermal heating solutions (Italy).
  • Air heat pump as a generation for heating and DHW; Use of mechanical ventilation with 85 % heat recovery; Triple glazing windows; better airtightness (Slovenia).
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