Cultural-Tourist Complex “Chengene Skele”
nZEB Example

The external walls are of double construction with intermediate air layer, gypsum boards
Glasroc, reinforcing mesh, plaster, mineral plaster, internal thermal insulation of mineral
wool with thermal conductivity = 0,039 W/ mK and internal plasterboard lining.
To ensure the necessary microclimate parameters of the building are used individual local heat pump air conditioning split systems of direct evaporation, column and wall type.
Domestic hot water will be provided by a 50 litre electric boiler. The water heating mode is automatic according to the set minimum temperature for switching on the heating element and maximum temperature – for switching off.
The hall is equipped with a general exhaust and discharge ventilation with a flow rate of 3000 m3/h. It is implemented in a “top-up” scheme by means of 1 recuperative unit with temperature efficiency E≥70% and electrical power 1,95 kW, mounted in the suspended ceiling and a system of air distribution and exhaust grilles mounted directly on the ducts.

Building owner

Burgas Municipality

Building type
Project type
Year of construction / major renovation

Year of construction: 2020
New building with energy class A

Total floor area
216 m²
Construction U-value
nZEB Parameters

Total annual energy consumption – 7364 kWh/a or 36,56 kWh/m2/a
Primary energy consumption – 22092 kWh/a or 109,68 kWh/m2/a
Building air tightness – n=0,50 h-1
CO2 emissions – 6,03 tco2/a
Renewable share of energy – 62,4% of the energy needs for Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, DHW and Lighting; equating to 100,3 MWh per year

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