RIC Pro-Akademia office building
nZEB Example

A building with a simple, compact, rectangular form, which is the result of compliance with the principles of design for passive buildings. The thermal insulation of the external walls is made of 30 cm thick graphite polystyrene, and the thermal insulation of the roof is made of 40-60 cm EPS polystyrene boards.

The building uses windows with improved thermal insulation parameters, intended for passive constructions, including PVC windows with double-chamber glazing, equipped with system facade blinds made of aluminium sheet slats.

In winter, the outside air is preheated in a horizontal ground air heat exchanger with an air capacity of 3640 m3/h and 8 collectors with a total length of 1,200 m. Then, the air is treated in an air handling unit with highly efficient heat recovery realised by a rotary exchanger, with efficiency of 86%. If necessary, the supplied air is heated in the water heater in winter. To cover the heat demand, a heat pump is used: water glycol-water with a rated power of 14.68 kW and a COP of 3.63.

The facility has a BMS system installed, which enables supervision of the operation of devices (air handling units, heat pump, circulation pumps) as well as reading from sensors (temperatures, pressure, metres) and alarms. BMS also allows for setting temperatures, efficiency, work schedules, work breaks, read history and statistics.

Electricity to power the building comes from the power grid and the on-grid photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 30 kW.

Building type
Project type
Year of construction / major renovation

Construction: 2015
Major renovation: N/A

Total floor area
300 m²
Construction U-value

External Walls

0.085 W/m²K


0.085 W/m²K

Floor on the ground

0.114 W/m²K
Windows Uw Uf Ug G


0.8 W/m²K N/A N/A N/A
nZEB Parameters

Final energy consumption for heating and ventilation: 6.9 kWh/m2/a

Building part / RIC Pro-Akademia / National requirements for nZEB binding from 01/01/2021
External walls / 0.085 / 0.200
Roof / 0.085 / 0.150
Floor on the ground / 0.114 / 0.300
Windows / 0.800 / 0.900

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