Social housing in Burgas
nZEB Example

The building is newly designed, monolithic, detached, consisting of 5 sections with residential apartments and premises with service functions. The external walls are brick 25cm, insulated with 10cm. EPS, plastered with mesh and external facade plaster. External walls to ground level are reinforced concrete 25cm, insulated with 10cm. XPS. The roof is reinforced concrete, insulated with 15cm. stone wool, waterproofing PVC membrane. The floor above ground is insulated with 10 cm. XPS under the reinforced concrete slab, top with cement screed, floor covering. The terraces above the rooms are insulated with 10cm XPS over the slab, followed by reinforced cement mortar and loose fill. The bay windows are insulated with 12cm. EPS externally, followed by render with mesh and facade render. The windows have a PVC profile and triple glazing.

A central direct evaporation plant is provided for the site. Heating and air-conditioning in the aforementioned premises is provided by a two-pipe VRF system of direct evaporation, operating with environmentally friendly R410A Freon.

In the building there is also a solar system with flat panel solar collectors for DHW water heating, water heater with serpentine, circulation pump, pipe network and control.

Building owner

Burgas Municipality

Building type
Project type
Year of construction / major renovation

Construction: 2020
New building with energy class A

Total floor area
3222 m²
Construction U-value
nZEB Parameters

Total annual energy consumption – 130,10 MWh/a or 40,38 kWh/m2/a
Primary energy consumption – 302,14 MWh/a or 93,78 kWh/m2/a
Building air tightness – n=0,30 h-1
CO2 emissions – 82,49 tco2/a
Renewable share of energy – 77% of the energy needs for Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, DHW and Lighting; equating to 29,39 MWh/a

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