CoNZEBs: Cost reduction of new Nearly Zero‐Energy buildings

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General Description
The CoNZEBs project deals with technologies and solutions used in nearly-zero energy buildings and aims at decreasing costs related to the design and the construction process. The focus of the project is multi-family houses and their users, both apartment owners and tenants. The project identifies technologies, both used alone and jointly with others, that are applicable for multi-family houses and reduce investment costs. No new technologies are developed or upgraded, but a review of already existing solutions is presented. The project has been implemented in four EU member states (Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia) and project results reflect national regulations in these countries. Stakeholder engagement was an important activity – expectations of users and designers have been collected, and also info materials for the general public (building final users in particular) have been produced.
Main language(s): English
Funding Program(s): Horizon 2020
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