HAPPEN: Holistic AProach and Platform for the deep renovation of the med residential built ENvironment

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General Description

The project is aimed at stimulating the market uptake of deep retrofitting of buildings, with special regard to the Mediterranean area and to the residential built stock, by tackling major bottlenecks such as the fragmentation of the supply chain, the lack of transparency and of the perceived reliability of the interventions, of adequate financial support mechanisms, of integration among the relevant aspects connected to retrofitting, the low return on investments, or the lack of a retrofit approach clearly tailored for the Med environments. To this extent, the project will act on the following complementary themes: engagement and empowerment of target groups such as owners, inhabitants, and building professionals; technological insight for the development of optimised one-stop-shop packages of solutions for deep and beyond retrofitting; financial solutions for supporting the market uptake of deep retrofitting, and proposal of suitable changes in the regulatory frameworks. On this basis, the project will act on the demand side by ensuring a comprehensive and integrated framework of conditions for enhancing the overall appeal, convenience and reliability of the deep renovations market, through the proposal of a holistic MedZEB approach conceived for the retrofitting market uptake in Southern Europe. In particular, this result will be pursued thanks to:

  • an integrated ICT platform, aimed at facilitating the matching between demand and offer;
  • the construction of a system of guarantees aimed at building trust among the different segments of the retrofitting supply and value chain;
  • the activation of three main Pilots, as well as smaller ones, for testing the project outputs directly on the field of deep and beyond retrofitting interventions: in the pilots, the residential stock will be the main target (private/public), but HAPPEN will also explore other typologies and functions, for the widest replication of the project outputs across the Med space.

Source: CORDIS database

Main language(s): English
Funding Program(s): Horizon 2020
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