REZBUILD: REfurbishment decision making platform through advanced technologies for near Zero energy BUILDing renovation

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General Description

Nowadays, the European construction market has to tackle the refurbishment of the existing building stock. NZEB renovation methodologies are required as a key enabler through energy-efficient buildings. REZBUILD will address this challenge by opening the construction sector through the integration of innovative technologies such as leaves in a tree in order to pave the way towards an annual renovation rate of 2,5% instead of current rates lower than 1%.

The aim is to develop one refurbishment ecosystem based on the integration of cost-effective technologies, business models and life cycle interaction for deep NZEB renovation to diverse residential renovation typologies and interconnecting both, building renovation stages and stakeholders. This innovation will establish a multi-collaborative framework within a refurbishment methodology managed by an Agile Project Management tool capable of interconnecting in real-time the key steps of a tailored retrofitting plan among all stakeholders involved within the building renovation value chain. This ecosystem will ensure the fulfilment of three KPIs:

1) A deep renovation rate of at least 60% of primary energy reduction, as a result, the application of a decision tree strategy created from the combination of united principles of the novel sustainable architecture and NZEB design concepts;

2) A reduced installation time by at least a 30% of time-saving in comparison with a traditional refurbishment works, and;

3) A rapid payback period of a maximum of 12 years of the best retrofitting technology package installed in the residential building.

The environment will provide an ad-hoc amalgam of methodologies, cost-effective technologies and tools applicable within the main residential building typologies in the EU, with the aim of achieving a large-scale penetration and deep impact on the rehabilitation of the current residential building stock after its optimization in 3 multi-scale demo buildings located in the most representative climates in EU.

Main language(s): English
Funding Program(s): Horizon 2020
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