Bioclimatic Design

:: Learning Program

Pre-curriculum conditions for participants

General: Basic knowledge about building physics, thermodynamics, heat transfer in buildings and parameters.

Minimum EQF: 6 (more on EQF levels)
Hours of Training (expected): 14
Contact the nZEB Ready partners to find out more about available trainings in:
Bulgaria Croatia Poland Portugal Romania
Learning Outcomes
    +1. Climate analysis including solar geometry

    +2. Basics of building physics

    +3. Buildings and Performance (Design for a multivariate condition)

    +4. Passive design principles and solutions for heating, cooling and day lighting

    +5. Solar building envelope

    +6. Build with low environmental impact materials. Significance of Sustainable Building Certification Systems

    +7. Real examples, Case studies (+Technical/site visit)

Might be interesting for: Experts, Designers and Auditors
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